remission data

Changes in access to Sky Drive apparently broke the remission dataset link here: the old landing page, with a summary note and a download link, seems no longer available. My bad for not verifying Microsoft's assurances of continuity.
For now, Box.net wins as host, despite requiring a click through a poorly labeled comments icon to show the summary information:
This Excel database documents - and also provided a tracking and management tool for - the process by which I lost 100 pounds of fat and rendered myself, according to my doctor, "no longer diabetic" within a year of a diagnosis of type 2 diabetes. Please note that I do not claim, despite my doctor's use of the word, to have "cured" myself of diabetes. I believe I have documented putting myself into remission - normoglycemia - an asymptomatic state. Day-to-day data are self-reported. All medical outcomes are documented by Kaiser-Permanente.
Microsoft, Apple, and Google are not as on top of web-based file sharing as they proclaim. None of them yet deliver a web view of 15 densely formatted and linked Excel sheets and charts. I had to dig a little even at Box to find a page that didn't falsely promise that it could. I should stop ranting and think about putting up some PDFs.

I apologize to anyone who was frustrated in trying to download the dataset.

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